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Vino Resort Son Amaret

Here you can experience the real Mallorca

Quiet island life in its original form.

Mallorcan landscapes are combined here with our traditional winery and a Mediterranean lifestyle. The rustic architecture of the modern Vino Resort brings you closer to the life of Mallorca.

Son Amaret is an oasis with 11 rooms in the middle of a Mallorcan winery in the southeast of the island. It was designed with great attention to detail in 2021-2023 and will open its doors for the first time in summer 2024.

Rooms & Suites

Our rooms represent a Mediterranean living experience, where modernity meets old elements that are in harmony with nature and the winery. In total, we offer 11 rooms that guarantee peace and privacy and are spread over a main house and the garden annex. The large windows let a lot of light into the rooms and illuminate them with their beauty. For a quiet night, the window flaps can be closed to ensure a comfortable sleep. Some rooms have a freestanding bathtub, while others have a spacious shower. Our rooms are all equipped with a double bed and simple furnishings to preserve the charm and authentic Mallorca.

In our Vino Resort Son Amaret we offer the right room for every guest. With our 11 rooms you can choose between 3 family suites, 2 deluxe double rooms, 2 superior double rooms and 4 garden studios.



Our family suites offer space for the whole family.

​You can book our family suite for just 220,00€ including breakfast.


Deluxe Double Room

Our Deluxe Double Rooms offer scenic views.

You can book our deluxe double rooms for just €90.00 per person including breakfast.


Superior Double Room

Our superior double rooms are ideal for 2 people.

You can book our superior double rooms for just €80.00 per person including breakfast.


Garden Studio

In our garden studios you will find peace and relaxation.

You can book our garden studio for just €80.00 per person in a double room including breakfast.

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We care deeply about our environment and live in harmony with it to preserve Mallorca's nature. We only use fresh, healthy and natural products from local traders who place the highest value on quality, as this is our home.

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Your event will be something very special under the Mallorcan sun. Son Amaret is the perfect place for your wedding. You can also rent the hotel exclusively for birthdays, anniversaries and other events. Workshops and retreats are also available. Son Amaret is the ideal place for your workshop or retreat.

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Activities & Sightseeing

Around Son Amaret there are endless possibilities to experience the “real” Mallorca.

From countless bays with beautiful sandy beaches to Mallorcan markets and countless sights, the southeast of the island has a lot to offer.


Wines from Son Amaret

Son Amaret is a wine from the heart of Mallorca. Like the island, it represents a special attitude to life of joy, lightness and warmth.

A fruity and dry drink, it makes everyday and special moments harmonious and pleasant. Son Amaret offers oenological experiences with style.

Wine is more than just a fascinating drink or an excellent accompaniment to a meal.
Wine is origin, culture and discovery. Every wine can tell a story, sometimes even every enjoyment of wine. Wine connects people and creates experiences. Wine wants to be discovered and experienced. Join us on the journey of Son Amaret.

Son Amaret ist Wein aus dem Herzen Mallorcas.
Wie die Insel steht er für ein besonderes Lebensgefühl von Urlaub, Leichtigkeit und Wärme.

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